Puget Sound Videos for Educators

PEI Consultant Lisa Eschenbach is an expert at finding resources for educators about our local environments! In this post she outlines some of the best videos about our Puget Sound and beyond, for educators and students. Take a look: 

How can you take your students on an overflight of the Puget Sound? Through short videos you and your students can see more of the Puget Sound and learn from marine & watershed scientists and other students. Here is my list of my top ten videos on the Puget Sound and about the environment.

1)   Watershed Address by Friends of the Cedar River Watershed
Students developed and act in this 9-minute video describing the Cedar River Watershed, which drains through Seattle, Bellevue and Tukwila. This video also describes where the drinking water comes from in the Cedar River Watershed. This video is relevant to residents of other watersheds. What is your watershed address? How could you tell the story of your watershed? http://www.cedarriver.org/programs/watershed-report

Students teach about the Cedar River Watershed in the "Watershed Address". (captured image from the video)

2)  Lost and (Puget) Sound by Inye Wokoma-Ijo Media Group
This video was created through a grant from the Washington State Department of Ecology to the City of Seattle with partners Seattle Public Schools, Everett Public Schools and the city of Tacoma. This 27-minute video follows three students as they discover where water goes through the storm drain systems, and how they can help keep the Puget Sound clean and healthy. This video also has a teaching guide and related lesson plans.  http://www.ci.seattle.wa.us/util/Services/Drainage_&_Sewer/Keep_Water_Safe_&_Clean/RestoreOurWaters/index.htm

3) Ecology in Focus
This series of 2-3 minute videos describe the work of a variety of professionals working to protect the Puget Sound.

4)   Facing the Future: Making a Sound Impact Student Video Contest Winners
Check out the three short student videos winners. Videos address protecting and preserving the Puget Sound. http://www.facingthefuture.org/PugetSoundContest/tabid/529/Default.aspx

5)  Edudemic’s: 25 TED Talks Perfect for Classrooms
Great selected TED talks. Start with David Gallo’s talk on the wonders of the ocean or Louie Schwatzberg’s Hidden Beauty of Pollinators. Five to seven minutes well spent.

6)  Edutopia Top 5-minute films on School Gardens
I highly recommend the first video by the University of Maryland on school gardens.

How to Start a School Garden by the University of Maryland with Chrissa Carlson. (captured image from the video)

7)  Whale Fall (after life of a whale)
This creative paper-art video by Sharon Shattuck and Flora Lichtman for Sweet Fern Productions depicts what happens when a whale dies in the ocean. This 4.5 minute video describes the biodiversity of the deep ocean by describing the decomposition of a whale.

8)  How to talk about Stormwater
Sightline developed this video for professionals to talk simply about stormwater. It is a great introduction to the topic, although it is targeted towards professionals. This could be a good introduction to talk about professional voice.

9)  How to Plant it Right.
This 17-minute video describes how to plan and execute riparian restorations. It is narrated by a restoration ecologist. The last seven minutes describe plant cuttings. Stick with the first 10 minutes if you just want to talk about restoration basics. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eos3JiOMXEg

Joslyn Trivett, a restoration ecologist shows how to plan a Douglas fir seedling in the Plant It Right video. (captured image from the video)

10)  Department of Ecology: How to monitor for construction stormwater permits
This video is designed for people who need to collect water quality data in order to apply for construction permits. So, not all of the video may be relevant. The first five minutes describe turbidity and its effect of water quality, stormwater issues and pH testing. The rest of the 20-minute video moves pretty slow for students.

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One thought on “Puget Sound Videos for Educators

  1. You might also be interested in a growing collection of TED Talks for Kids at College by Kids – where kids are the teachers. The unique thing about the collection is that all of TED Talks are actually delivered by kids.

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